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Mother To Bodhi
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  • what do you mean when you say his mother and father? are you not his mother? I'm sorry I'm a new follower and curious(: congratulations on him, he's beautiful

    Asked by Anonymous


    hm, when did I say that? must have been a mistake, haha I am most certainly his mother!

    I just realized what you were referring to- when I said ‘his mom’ I meant the father’s mom :)

    hope this clears that up!

    You are absolutely gorgeous. I was just curious, do you have dreads?

    Asked by Anonymous

    thank you! and yes, yes I do :) I’m with my second set right now- I havn’t really uploaded pictures of them because they are still young, but I plan to soon!

    How did you get so many followers??

    Asked by Anonymous

    patients, talking to people/making friends. being kind, being myself :) in all honesty my goal is not to ‘have followers’ but to be able to share my world with others..I just happened to gain followers along the way

    What's the meaning behind bohdi's name! I love it!

    Asked by illusiuns

    honestly I just really love the name!

    n Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the nature of things.It translates into ‘enlightenment’ meaning awakened :)

    Congratulations on beautiful little Bodhi! He is so beautiful just like you ❤️ love and good vibes to you mama~

    Asked by zen-mommy

    <3 lots of love to you abby 

    Awwww!! Yay!!!! You had him! What an amazingly beautiful little bundle you have! Congratulations darling, hope you and your gorgeous boy are happy and healthy. xoxoxoxox

    Asked by summasapphire

    we are both extremely healthy and pretty damn happy :) thank you!

    Are you adopting him

    Asked by Anonymous

    no, I gave birth to him :)

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